DraftSight 2018.3

Create, edit, view, and mark up any kind of 2D drawing and DWG file

DraftSight is a software program created for CAD users, offering them the tools to create, view, and manage DWG and DXF drawings. The tools can be used even by novice users as long as they have some knowledge CAD drawings. The software installation process is quite intuitive, though it does ask for patience because it lasts several minutes.

The right word for the GUI is modern. Besides the modern look, it's easy to navigate through its menus because of its well-delimited interface sections and big text and button icons.

The program comes packed with different features that improve the user experience. One of them, called G-Code Append, allows users to re-work the user interface and add a program append capability.

Also, DraftSight supports formats like DWG, DXF and DWT; has a wide array of formatting tools, such as styles for texts, tables, scales, and offers the option to insert lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, text or masks.

You can now click anywhere on a dimension to reposition and place dimensions with widgets for automatic alignment and spacing, thanks to some dimensioning improvements. Moreover, it provides users with a command interface where they can input coordinates, distances and angles.

Overall, DraftSight, despite being a program that doesn't allow for 3D drawing and which consumes a lot of system resources, remains a interesting choice for CAD users.

John Saunders
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  • Has a modern look
  • Allows users to re-work the user interface
  • Supports formats like DWG, DXF, and DWT
  • Provides users with a command interface


  • Consumes a lot of system resources
  • Doesn't allow for 3D drawing
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